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EPIC Generation takes a refreshing approach in empowering kids and reinforcing positive values in today's world through its TV show and social media channels, virtual classes, events and real world learning opportunities.  Established in 2019, the company has been rapidly evolving to provide relevant content and resources that are missing in traditional media and educational platforms.


The EPIC Generation show airs on FTV cable channel featuring 4 bite-sized segments on DIYs, Life Skills, STEAM Actitivities, Cultural Heritage and Inspirational Talks for kids ages 7 and up.  The show premiered in August 2019 and is now gearing up for Season 3.

EPiC Gen Unlocked features skits, animation, vlogs and digital stories developed and produced by young media creators that have taken media production training with EPIC Generation.  The show premiered on FTV cable channel in June 2020 and is now on its second season.

TV Specials offer exclusive features on select activities and events that offer rich learning and quality entertainment for viewers.

EPIC Gen in the Neighbourhood are live stream shows on Facebook and YouTube hosted by the EPIC Generation kids to promote social awareness and community engagement.


Media Production weekly classes for kids ages 7 to 14 who are trained to become responsible content creators and conscious leaders.  The mix of online and studio classes provide experiential training for young media creators while building a competitive portfolio.  Classes are enhanced by exlusive mentorship from field experts and guests.


Global Cultural Exchange:  In partnership with Small World Big Adventure, EPIC Generation helps facilitate the exchange of culture and knowledge for kids around the world.

Fashion:  Kidzify Designs is a collaborative project between EPIC Generation and Mitzify Canada.  With an aim to bring kids' ideas to life, Kidzify allows children to design functional and fashionable bags according to their taste, while creating livelihood in the Philippines.

Environment:  Together with The Giga Pearl and The Philippine Chamber Commerce of Toronto, EPIC Generation helps promote awareness and education in the preservation of the environment and building a sustanable lifestyle.

EPIC Generation believes that every child has something unique to is up to him or her to create a space in the world.  This is the new generation that is Empowered, Positive, Inspirational and Creative - in short EPIC!

More than a TV's an EPIC Adventure!

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