• Inspired by Popcorns

    By Celeste V.

    Celeste is a cast member of the EPIC Gen Unlocked show.  She likes to draw, write and play music. 
    You can see all her beautiful artwork on Instagram @ms.celeste.arts.


    This month, we interviewed FRANCIS MANAPUL on the EPIC Generation in the Neighbourhood Livestream.  He is a comic book artist and writer for DC Comics and is best known for his work relauching the DC Universe character, The Flash.


    The members of EPIC Generation and I were lucky to chat with Francis and hear firsthand what his experiences are like in being a part of the famous DC Comics.

    Some of the major takeaways that I got from him is to take my time when I am making a comic or drawing.  Sometimes, when you rush, you don’t present the best of what you can do. Francis said to take it one panel at a time.

    He also said to practice telling a story when illustrating, because you ARE telling a story.

    Another great thing I learned from him is that inspiration can come from lots of different things, such as your favourite objects, favourite books, or even just something we use every day.

    I can relate to what Francis said about where he gets inspiration from. 

    Some of my drawings are inspired by a calm forest photo... a song I heard... a conversation from my parents... or what’s on my mind or what I’m feeling at the moment.


    Here I am, inspired by popcorns. :)



    Currently, I am working on a book about a hero named Lily. She is a shapeshifter. I dream of having this book published. This year with online school, my writing has taken a backseat but I plan to finish it over the summer.

    Lily, the shapeshifter!


    When I work on my book, I will keep in mind the drawing tips that Francis Manapul shared, since those tips can be used for writing as well.

    Thank you Francis and I look forward to reading your graphic novels!